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Friday, July 8, 2011

Angels with Paper Wings

"Hold them when they cry,"
I was advised.
A mother's kiss can heal any boo-boo,
I've discovered.
(And if that doesn't help, a colorful Band-Aid will)
Protect them until their wings are strong enough to fly,
Is all I've been instructed to do.
But what advice do you have for me,
When I have angels with paper wings?

Look both ways before you cross the street,
I demand.
Treat others the way they want to be treated,
I teach.
Don't talk to strangers,
I plead.
Go in the direction of your dreams,
I preach.

But how do I protect them from a broken heart?
How do I explain that life isn't fair sometimes?
How do I keep them safe when others want to do them harm?

In my dreams,
I can protect my angels from anything life brings their way.
But in reality,
I have angels with paper wings.

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  1. Love this. My children are grown and no grandkids yet but it applies to all the children in my life and those to come.