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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh Baloney!

I believe in God! I believe that He speaks to us and gives us signs to listen to, follow, be guided by and encouraged with, every day. I believe that He nudges us in the right direction when we are at a crossroads in life and don’t know which way to turn. I believe He gives us a swift kick in the pants when we disobey like children and, by the same token, I believe He rewards us when we’re good. I believe that He watches us from above like a super-natural being but I also think that he stands next to us, holds our hands, hugs us and loves us like a Father that is ever present in our everyday lives.
That being said…
I woke up the other day to make my husband his lunch and send him on his way. He’s been in the mood for baloney (I know…gross!), so that’s what I’ve been making him – two baloney sandwiches on whole wheat bread with olive oil mayo and American cheese (the whole wheat and mayo is my way of getting something healthy in him). Well, the other day, as I take that gross, red, plastic strip off of his baloney slice and throw it aside on the counter, for future disposal, I notice the little kiss that God just gave me…

…and I just have to smile! Thank you, Lord, for loving us enough to send small, silly little tokens of affection. Little tokens that say “I love you,” even if it does come from a gross little plastic baloney thing…does that thing even have a proper name?!

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