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First and foremost, I am a child of God! I am also the wife of a superhero who has loved and supported me since I was a child. I am a mother of three wonderful children who have taught me how to live, love and throw mini temper-tantrums and hissy-fits (especially now that they are older)! AND [very exciting] I'm an author! My book, A Little Yellow Star, is a Christian Children's book about seeing God in all things. There is more information at the bottom of my blog - Hope you'll check it out, and if you do, I hope you LOVE it!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Technology Hat

I am wearing a hat that I love and hate at the same time - my technology hat!! Sometimes it's fun and makes me feel energetic. Sometimes I feel like I can conquer the world in my hat, but other times it brings me down. It ties me up and confuses me. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm the stupidest person in the world, when I have on this silly hat! Sometimes this hat makes me productive and accomplished. Sometimes it makes me lazy and lethargic. Sometimes I want to throw it out the window and be done with it all together, and then I get a call from my dearest friend and I think, "Oh, it's not so bad!"

 I just got a laptop - I know, I know, it's like 2011; "Welcome to the planet Earth, Faith!"

So, I'm blogging on BlogSpot! I'm Skype-ing!! Have you Skype-d? It's AWESOME!!! It is just about the coolest thing ever. I made a book trailer on my new laptop using Movie Maker...not so fun, but the end result is going to be amazing! If I can get to the end result soon...

Of course, Facebook is taking up my time. Don't forget Twitter (tweet, tweet!). So what's the problem, you ask? Well, I'll tell you - Mount Saint Ugh!! That's what is the matter - the mountain of laundry that I've been sitting next to for the past three and a half hours. I told myself that I was going to bring my laptop into my room, turn it on and just leave it on my bed INCASE anyone tried to contact me. And, as I was waiting, I would put away my laundry...

Well, three and a half hours later, I'm setting up a new blog on BlogSpot (or is it Blogger.com!?), Skyping with my friend and posting anything and everything on Facebook and Twitter!! So, wait...is it BlogSpot or Blogger?? Ugh! Technology!?!

 Darn this hat that is technology! I have to go, this mountain is going to bury me alive if I don't tame it NOW!!!


  1. Hey Faith! I know how you feel. Internet takes up a lot of my time. I got a blogspot account ( I think it's blog spot! lol) a while ago and have wanted to start my blog but I always find something else to do! You can follow me once I get started!

  2. HI Faith,
    Having a blog is on my list of "things to do". Your page looks great! I'll follow you as soon as I get set up! In the meantime, Happy Blogging!
    Lisa Tortorello- author "My Hero, My Ding"