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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My Stay-At-Home-Mom Hat!
I’m wearing my Stay-At-Home-Mom hat today, and not the pretty one! No, the pretty one looks so good on me. It makes me want to wake up with a smile, make my husband breakfast and kiss him as he’s leaving for work. My good Stay-At-Home-Mom hat makes me smile all day while I’m cleaning the kitchen and doing the laundry. It makes me hum along with Beethoven’s Ninth while I’m scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets. My nice Stay-At-Home-Mom hat makes me feel like making a four-course dinner with the fine china and flowers, just because, for my wonderful family…
No, my friends, today I am NOT wearing my good Stay-At-Home-Mom hat! Today, I overslept and my husband went to work with no breakfast or lunch. But, that’s ok, because when he gets home he will be so ravenous that he’ll eat all the kid’s lunch snacks and I’ll have to make yet ANOTHER trip to the grocery store to restock. My daughter, who’s thirteen (UGH!), shared her extra special, hormone enraged attitude with me before school – I love those special mother-daughter moments with her! And the boys? Yes, let’s talk about those wonderful little boys of mine…
If they don’t get a full twelve hours of sleep at night I, literally, have to pull them by the toes to get them moving in the morning. So after screaming at them to “GET UP!” for over a half an hour, they finally get dressed and move to the dining room for breakfast. That impossible task takes a good twenty minutes because first we have to complain about the cereal that they don’t like. Then they have to blame each other for eating the cereal that they do like. Don’t forget the drink that must accompany the cereal that has milk in it. I don’t get that!! The dishes in the dishwasher are dirty, so why do they stack dirty dishes on the counter? Put them in the dishwasher!! They get that from their dad. Oh, wait, Elijah forgot to do part of his homework last night. Great, let’s do it NOW!
Finally, we all get out the door (and by some miracle, on time) on the bus and off to school. All I can hope is that they stay out of the nurse’s office and I’m free and clear until 3:30 pm, which comes before you know it and then the craziness begins all over again…
Do homework, make dinner, clean the kitchen…wait, again!? Get ready for tomorrow; Do you have clean clothes? Take showers, make lunches; I hope I remembered to make my husbands. Don’t forget the dogs, who have been neglected all day and have left a present, to show their appreciation, on MY rug! My husband comes home; “What’s for dinner and what did YOU do today?” Hmmmmm!?! I think I’ll take my Mother-Of-The-Year trophy, empty the fancy out of it and add some whine to it…wait, I mean wine!

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