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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Baseball Hat!

Today I am wearing my baseball hat! I love my baseball hat. It fits perfectly on my head, with my ponytail bobbing out the back (I can’t wear a fitted one, my hair is too big) and my sunglasses on. Most of the time I have on a red baseball hat with a big white “W” embroidered on the front. Sometimes I switch it up and wear my visor but it’s always red and it’s always adorned with a “W”. Paired with my score book in hand, I am ready for the game…
If you can’t tell, Little League Baseball has begun! Practice actually started a few weeks ago, but last night it was official – Let the Games Begin! It truly feels like the kickoff to Spring. It’s still chilly and we get rained out almost every other game. But, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, the lime is perfectly lined, the orange dirt is nicely raked and the bases are pure white…it’s ball time!
I have two boys who play. My daughter used to play softball, but she’s taken a break to do gymnastics this season. My oldest son is 9 and he’s playing in the Minor Leagues this season. My youngest is 7 and he’s in Instructional still. My husband coaches the Instructional team and assistant coaches the Minor team…so we are there A LOT!!
Oh, I’m the “Team Mom!” Which, really just means that I keep score and I have to be the Big Bad Boss Man in the dugout! I really love it, though! You get to know the kids and they get used to your quirks, by the end of the season we are a well oiled machine.
Last night is was my 7 year old son’s first game. He was only up to bat twice and the first time he struck out. The second time, however, he hit two foul balls and then a line drive down the first base line…right into the glove of the first baseman! OUT!! Poor thing! But, he hit the ball and he was very happy.
Tonight, it was my 9 year old son’s first game. It’s a little more cut-throat in the Minor’s but I think, for as young as this team is, they held their own pretty good. In the last inning, my son pitched for the first time. He had a bit of trouble getting the ball over home plate, but he did his best and his best wasn’t all that bad. He even has a few strike-outs on his resume now!!
So, it’s been a great week for baseball and I’m looking forward to this season. But, for now, I’m hanging up my baseball hat and hitting the sheets. Good night!

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