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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Letters

Fourteen years ago, yesterday, my husband proposed to me. We had found out a little over a month prior that I was pregnant, we were planning on moving out and that in itself was very trying on us. We’d recently broken the news to both sets of parents and the stars were aligning…but not without a lot of stress. And, being pregnant, my stress seemed to be amplified and frequent.
My wonderful husband had Valentine’s Day all planned out but what he hadn’t planned on was a hormone enraged girlfriend who had just had the worst day of her life…on February Eleventh! I was going through everything in my mind and I was, to put it simply, FREAKING OUT!!
He was trying to convince me that everything was going to be alright and persuade me to have a little faith, but I was hysterical. So, he decided that moment would be the best time to ask me. He dropped to one knee (which, incidentally, I hadn’t noticed) and he handed me a piece of paper. It had the most beautiful poem on it (which I’m not sharing) and the last four lines read this:
The Lord Above
Has directed us together in life
Now the only question that remains is Faith Harmony
Will you be my wife?
Awwwwww!!! Bring on the water-works! I notice that he was on one knee and he had a ring in his hand. SO sweet! And that was the beginning of many, many more days where my husband would help me through panic, depression and Freak-Out moments with a sweet word or a pretty gift. He’s the best!
But, we still fight about when he actually proposed to me. In his mind, he proposed on Valentine’s Day. I still have the poem he wrote and it, too, is dated 2-14-98…but, a woman doesn’t forget the day she became engaged! I guess this will always be a debate with us but, since I’m the only one with a blog who can broadcast to the world, I win!
I hope everyone had a wonderful February 11th and has an even better Valentine’s Week!

He's SO goofy ;)


  1. my husband proposed on Valentines Day too - 19 years ago. He still calls it Valentimes Day but I still love him ♥

  2. My grandparents were engaged on Valentine's Day. That was the only way my grandpa could date my grandmother (back in the day) without a chaperone. Congrats on your 14 years!