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Monday, February 6, 2012

Look Forward To SOMETHING!

It's coming...Valentine's Day is almost here. What are you wishing for this year? Love? Diamonds?? Peace and quiet? Whatever you are wishing for, I hope you get it. I’ve had so many people ask me; “Why are you so excited about Valentine’s Day?” Well, the truth is, why not be excited? I’ve made it my mission this year to look forward to at least one thing a month. That’s not hard, is it?

Think about when you where a child… __________ was just a short time away and you could not think about anything else. You were so excited for ___________ that you talked about it all the time, you dreamt of it at night and you played the day over and over for weeks leading up to the big day. Why does that have to change just because we’re adults? Why does it have to be only “Big” events? Who says that a simple dinner with the family can’t be as anticipated as Christmas Day? I say we pull out the fancy china more than twice a year. I am a strong believer that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. That does not exclude holidays!  Go and buy yourself flowers and jewelry because YOU love you. And look forward to something, anything! If you’re in charge, I know it can be a special occasion, no matter what the occasion is…Let’s live a little!

So that is my challenge for you this month – look forward to Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re single, married, in a relationship, in a relationship but wish you were single or just plainly and simply happy – you deserve a special day. Don’t wait for someone else to spoil you, go buy that _________ for yourself. Don’t wait for him/her to read your mind and do something special for you; treat yourself; you deserve it! And, if you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with a  psychic genie who can read your mind and give you all the desires of your heart, then my challenge for you is to spoil them. Make it your mission, at least once a month, to read their mind and grant their wishes. You can do it because you are YOU and you are wonderful!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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